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Ingredients: gingseng, schisandra, ashwangandha, peppermint, tulsi, astragalus, maca, he shou wu, yerba mate, cinnamon  

Origin: China, India, Egypt, Peru, Argentina  

Up and at 'em the natural way. This one's for those who need a sustained energy boost to help them through the whole day. Unlike many caffeine-based energy drinks that tax the adrenal glands, the large ginseng component of this blend supports adrenal function and increases bloodflow. Simultaneously, tulsi sustains this energy while improving muscle performance and recovery.   Endurance is a key benefit to this blend – so Upper can be used equally as an aphrodisiac. To this end, the maca ingredient increases both libido and adds sustained vitality.   Up, up, up and away!   Taste: vanilla pods, fennel, ginseng


1tbs/5g 90℃ 0:50 4:00 Therapeutic brewing
Brew 5g/250ml at 100˚C for 5 minutes


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