Collection: Hario

For more than a century, Hario has been creating beloved products, specializing in heatproof glass, the only brand in Japan to do so right in their own factory. Originally, Hario started with laboratory glassware and then, in 1948, used their knowledge of heat-resistant glass to produce coffee siphons. This move utilized their advanced glass processing techniques to cater to coffee lovers. Over the years, Hario expanded their range to include a variety of household items made from different materials, including glass for car headlights since the 1980s, as well as a broad selection of coffee and tea equipment (including for black, Japanese, and herbal teas) and microwave-safe kitchenware.

Hario, which translates to "the king of glass," aims to enhance everyday life with their durable, heatproof glass products and plans to continue their legacy of excellence for many more decades. Their products are crafted from eco-friendly materials, offering superior quality that withstands heat and wear and is microwave safe. They use 100% natural salt to improve durability and ensure safety without heavy metals or harmful substances, making their glass a trusted choice for families.